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Discover the SweetTwee Experience

Discover delightful candies and sweet treats in every monthly subscription box!

Why we stand out

Quality and Sweetness

We handpick the best and highest-quality items to ensure that every box brings joy and excitement to your doorstep.

Surprises Every Month

With SweetTwee, you'll never know what delicious surprises await you. Each month, we curate a new selection of sweet items to keep the excitement alive.

Affordable Happiness

We believe that happiness shouldn't break the bank. Our subscription boxes are priced competitively to give you the best value for your money.

What You'll Get

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Rich Chocolate

Indulge your senses with our exquisite chocolate bliss! Each decadent bite promises a moment of pure indulgence, making it the perfect treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift for someone special. Elevate your chocolate experience with our meticulously curated selection that caters to every craving. Unwrap a world of sweetness and savor the magic of our delectable chocolate creations.

Delicious Cookies

Savor the rich, gooey goodness of our chocolate chip cookies, or experience the exquisite harmony of flavors in our unique and decadent cookie varieties. From the first bite to the last crumb, our cookies promise an unforgettable experience that tantalizes your taste buds and leaves you craving more.


Tasty Treats

Step into a world of sweet indulgence with our tantalizing selection of candies, snacks and other treats! Our carefully curated collection is a feast for the senses, offering a diverse array of treats that cater to every craving. From mouthwatering gummies bursting with fruity goodness to crispy and savory snacks that pack a flavorful punch, our products are a symphony of taste and texture.

Subscription Box Tiers

Choose the best tier that suits you!

$45 each month

  • Subscribe to a monthly plan and get the sweetest items.

$180 every 6 months

  • Ready to commit for 6 months? Get this plan to enjoy all that Sweet Twee has to offer at an affordable price.

$200 a year

  • This is the best and most affordable deal. Get the latest and greatest items for a bargain!

How It Works:

You purchase a subscription package
We ship out your purchase 
You get a subscription box every month!


Get to know us

Table with Sweet Brigadeiro - Its typical in Brazil-1

Our Mission

At SweetTwee, we believe in spreading joy and cuteness through our subscription boxes. Each month, we curate a delightful selection of cookies, chocolates and other sweet treats that will bring a smile to your face. Our mission is to create a world where everyone can experience the happiness that comes with receiving a box full of sweet surprises. Join our SweetTwee community and let us brighten your day!

Our treats are made with authentic ingredients and come from humble small businesses instead of large corporations. You will be getting exclusive treats that you can't find everywhere!


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